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39th anniversary of Rolex and Tudor service center in Croatia

Exactly 39 years ago, our founder and owner, Mr. Pero Mamić, became the official servicer of Rolex and Tudor watches. He was chosen as one of only two trusted servicers for the entire area of the former Yugoslavia, with base in Zagreb. His colleague, Alex Martinovic, then based in Belgrade, is now the director of operations at Rolex USA.


During his career, Pero Mamić also worked at Rolex in New York City as one of the four members of the expert group. However, he decided to come back to Croatia to develop the watch market and provide our clients with the premium service of world standards.


Servicing a luxury timepiece requires great expertise, specific tools and original parts, all of which only official watchmakers have. To earn the title of official Rolex and Tudor servicer, uncompromising professionalism and expertise are required. Such carefully selected service centers guarantee the best possible care for your Rolex no matter where you are in the world.


We have created our name precisely through perfectionism, high levels of expertise and superior quality, earning the trust of many manufacturers and our domestic and international clients. This important anniversary is yet another confirmation of our work and a great motivation to strive for equal superiority over the next 39 years through new generations.